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Patient TestimonialsWhat They're Saying

“I am very happy to report that Tyce has literally been talking up a storm since the last treatment! We really saw an immediate effect. He is repeating almost everything we say, talking in longer sentences and singing short verses to songs he likes! His speech is also clearer/easier to understand. He is also doing better answering “WH” questions and tells us more details about his day!

This summer we are serial casting his legs. His physical therapist and OT has wanted to cast him for years but we were always hesitant because with his previous level of stiffness we thought the turning in of his feet would revert right back after the casts were off. The umbilical cord blood stem cells have decreased the stiffness to the point where we believe the serial casting will be an effective treatment for him. Also, when Tyce receives his Botox injections, we no longer have to put half the dose into his right hip area, so that allows us to focus on his lower left leg. Prior to the cord blood, his right hip area was almost just as tight as his left hip area, and now the Botox injections are not even needed on that side! Which is huge and definitely because of the stem cell treatments.


stem cell testimonialAlso, emotionally, I do not believe he would have been able to tolerate the casting well. Sensory wise, it would have been to much for him to handle. But as you can see from the photo he's done great! The photo was taken on the afternoon that he got his first casts on. His speech and patience has increased a lot just since the May stem cell treatment. There was not one big outburst!

His patience has increased so much we actually took him on the Carousel of Progress and he quietly and calmly sat through the 20-30 minute show. A year ago, he would have been yelling and acting out as soon as we stepped foot in the theater. Thanks to Dr. Young and the continued stem cell treatments Tyce is a progressing so well!”

Tyce's Mom

“Thank you for everything today. From the moment, we stepped foot in the door, each and every single one of you were amazing. I was so nervous coming in- New product for us, new method of injection, traveling & more. My little girl was made so comfortable. With all my heart, I thank you guys for everything! God bless. & here’s to gains for P!”


“I just started on the Young shake pack. I had been bedridden for almost 3 months due to back surgery. My triglycerides had ran from 356 down to 245. Well, my test just came back at 146! My cholesterol dropped from 276 to 246 so still working on that but it had been 296 a year ago!”

Janie R.

“Gavin is doing phenomenal in the last 2 months after the stem cell treatment. He’s been dressing himself, his constipation issues are gone (knock on wood) for a good month or more. He has stopped having accidents. It took him a month to kind of get back to himself.. and now it’s so many gains! I have taken him to 3 regular movies and he sat through them for the first time and understood them. He just started ordering his own food at restaurants! I have been recommending you all to everyone online in the Autism groups.”

Ashley D.

“Words cannot begin to describe the gratitude that I have for Young Foundational Health Center. From the first call to our visit yesterday everyone has exceeded our expectations. Throughout this entire process you all made me feel comfortable, welcomed, and supported. I know that choosing Young Foundational Health Center was the best choice for Harrison. I can't thank you all enough for your kindness, your professionalism, and your overall love of treating patients. We are so excited to begin our stem cell journey with you.”

With love, Ruth and Harrison

“Dear Dr. Young and Maria:
On behalf of Abhi and myself we wanted to reach out to you and your staff to extend our heartfelt gratitude for Sahib's treatment this last week. You all are such wonderful caring group of folks and we are so grateful that we found you. Thank you for making Sahib feel better and praying that the healing begins for him.”


“Many thanks to Dr. Young and the Foundation Health Team. We are so fortunate to have such an exceptional health care team! Everyone on the team is so caring and supportive- a rare characteristic for an entire staff to be so caring and compassionate on a sustaining & consistent basis. Bud & I are very grateful for the quality of medical care and for the incredible positive, genuine compassionate manner each staff member delivers care.”

Hugs & Many Thanks

“I continue to be impressed by the caring and efficiency of Young Foundational.”

Cyndi T.

“Thank you for all your office does for me. You have a wonderful staff. And aside from that, the office smelled wonderful yesterday.”

Erika S.

“I just want to say that Alex de Oliveira ARNP is wonderful. She is so focused, effective, knowledgeable and caring. She took the time to really study and compare all my recent tests and some old blood work as well. And she noticed things no other doctor has noticed. She gave me an excellent program.”


“I have noticed improvements since receiving the stem cell therapy. We are so appreciative of all who helped us receive our stem cells--from first person who answered the phone and Dr. Young and everyone in between. Everyone was helpful and most pleasant!”

Anna S.

“Due to my car accident on 1/13/16 I had a severe neck injury that caused extreme neck and head pain as well as numbness on my entire right side. I was told the only way to possibly relieve the pain was to have total disc replacement surgery because I had an extruded herniated disc between my C6 and C7. I really wanted to avoid surgery and reached out to Dr. Young to see if Stem Cell was an option for me. Since my Stem Cell treatment I have almost all the feeling back on my right side, reduced pain in my neck and through my right arm, better range of motion, and less headaches. I can feel a difference every week. I am thankful Stem Cell was able to help me improve my quality of life. ”

Christina J., Seminole, FL

“In 2016 I visited the Young Foundational Health Center because my health was failing. I had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and told I needed hip replacement surgery. I was also prescribed medicine that I decided I would not take because I felt there was another method of healing that would be effective. My body was also very frail. When Dr. Young consulted with me, he asked what I ate on a daily basis. Even though I felt it was healthy food, it wasn't much and it lacked essential nutrients. Dr. Young asked me several times, "What proteins are you eating?" I ate fruits and vegetables, but it was clear to Dr. Young that I wasn't getting the proper proteins. He had me take protein supplements and told me to increase the amount of foods with protein that I ate. I am happy to report I am no longer frail and walking with the assistance of a walker. My body continues to strengthen and heal daily. Thank you Dr. Young. ”

Gwendolyn T.

“We believe healthy cells and a properly functioning immune system form the foundation of the human body.”

Success Stories

Thank you! We're thankful for your intervention and for showing us a new way to live!


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